Seawater Intake System for Shrimp Farm


This particular operator of a shrimp farm adopted Tsurumi pumps to draw seawater into their tiger prawn pond. The pumps are primed with a zinc-rich paint that acts as a sacrificial anode. It has both a strong anti-corrosion effect and enhances the adhesion between the metal of the pump and the first coat of a modified epoxy resin paint. Coated on the lining three times, this paint adds good anti-corrosion property to its waterproofing performance.

Introduction of Submersible Seawater Pumps (Japanese)


Pumps with Channel Impeller Model : B
350B637(Seawater-resistant version:SPEC.C+special coating) [ 2 units ]
*SPEC.C is the most economical grade of pump, but it still demonstrates stable characteristics in seawater over a short period of time.

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