Raw Water Transfer Pump for Wastewater Treatment Plant


Tsurumi delivered a newly developed submersible smashing cutter pump from its CZ-series to a community wastewater treatment plant in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The plant originally had a residue collecting basket ahead of the intake pipe to the raw water tank to remove solid matter, but the periodic cleaning it required and the increased risk of secondary infection from hospital and household waste during the Covid-19 pandemic were problems that the plant operator wanted to address. As a solution, Tsurumi proposed its CZ-series because it could lower the chances of downstream pumps at the plant clogging with solid matter if the basket was eliminated, which the operator then ordered. The new CZ-series pump was installed upstream of two other pumps in the raw water tank and, by preemptively handling any incoming solid matter, has effectively reduced the threat of the other pumps getting clogged.

Submersible pumps commonly have a wide bore because of the likelihood of incoming solid matter and need to ensure passage thereof through the pump, but this adversely sacrifices pumping efficiency. To solve the trade-off, Tsurumi developed the CZ-series of submersible smashing cutter pump with a new concept in crushing and shredding mechanism that ensures both high pumping efficiency and solids passage. The series can also be considered from an SDG perspective because it reduces CO2 emissions, is energy-efficient and requires minimal operator intervention to maintain and manage.


Pumps with Channel Impeller
(Crushing and Shredding Mechanism)
Model : CZ
 100CZ43.7 [ Bore: 100mm, Motor Output: 3.7kW ]

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