Solid Matter Clogging Sewage Drainage Pumps in an Industrial Building

Hong Kong

CZ-series submersible smashing cutter pumps were installed in a raw water tank in the underground area of an industrial building located in Hong Kong. The raw water tank is located in the parking area on the first floor below ground. Sewage generated by the commercial tenants (from toilets, kitchen drainage, industrial waste liquids, etc.) is collected and transferred by the submersible pumps to the public sewage pipe.

The building owner consulted us about solid matter clogging the existing wastewater pumps and impeding their operation. Our proposed solution was the installation of a new type of CZ-series pump, a product featuring an innovative crushing and shredding mechanism. After installation, the customer experienced no more clogging, and the system operated as intended.
Smashing cutter pumps are new products that can be deployed in systems handling solid matter to provide trouble-free drainage. If you are experiencing problems with clogging caused by solid matter, please consult Tsurumi for a solution.

  • Raw water tank in underground parking lot
  • Installation and operation status


Pumps with Channel Impeller
(Crushing and Shredding Mechanism)
Model : CZ
100CZ43.7 [ Bore: 100mm, Motor Output: 3.7kW ]

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