Roadside Gutter Drainage


Draining Increasing Rainfall from Roadways

Our KTVE submersible automatic dewatering pumps were chosen to drain roadside gutters of abnormally high runoff caused by an unusual increase in seasonal downpours in recent years. The customer wanted an automatic operation pump that would only run in high water and went with our KTVE-series pump because it incorporates an electrode-type relay unit that automatically operates starting and stopping according to water height. For this particular project, two pumps were installed, one of which was fitted with an extension probe (optional accessory). As such, when water in the gutter rises to the high water level, the first pump starts up. If it rises further, the second pump kicks in as a backup to promptly drain the gutter to a manageable level. The customer is pleased with how the pumps effectively clear out the abnormal amounts of runoff that have persisted in recent years and how the relay extension probe allows them to adjust the running water level.


Dewatering Pumps
Model : KTVE
KTVE33.7 [ 2 units ]

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