Shipyard Drainage System


This particular shipyard was in need of new pumps for its dock drainage system. The existing pumps, which were installed outside the dock, had aged, so they wanted the new pumps to fit inside a pit with limited space and to drain the dock in as little time as possible. We proposed a seawater-resistant grade of our sewage and wastewater pumps that had proven to run stably for long periods of time in seawater, which the customer adopted. Also, during the replacement work, several of our heavy-duty KRS-series dewatering pumps were temporarily used because of their reputed durability and ease of use.

Movie of water being discharged into the trap (Japanese)


Pumps with Channel Impeller
(Seawater - Resistant Version)
Model : B
TO500B875 [ 4 units ]
TO250BK415 [ 3 units ]
Other Control panel and other incidental equipment

Temporary pumps used during replacement work

Movie of temporary pumps discharging water (Japanese)


Dewatering Pumps Model : KRS
KRS1022 [ 18 units ]

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