Wastewater Treatment System for Treatment Plant


Tsurumi delivered a wastewater treatment system to a treatment plant in Okinawa. The customer was looking to replace older equipment, therefore Tsurumi presented its products and the fact that it had a local office that could provide maintenance in its proposal, which resulted in a winning bid.
Water quality (BOD, SS, etc.) since the system was installed has gone as planned and sludge has been homogenously dispersed in the tanks without settling to the bottom.
* BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand, SS: Suspended Solids

Movie about Tsurumi's Submersible Air Mixers (Japanese)


Submersible Air Mixers Model : TAR
TOB65TAR42.2 [ 2 units ]
Pumps with Channel Impeller Model : B [ 2 units ]
Submersible Self-Aspirating Jet Aerators Model : BER
TOS-15BER [ 1 unit ]

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