Livestock Waste Treatment System


A livestock business contacted us about possibly replacing the 4 belt-press dehydrators they were using at the time. The dehydrators were made by another manufacturer. Since the raw sewerage from the livestock contained grass and feed residue, we proposed the JD-series Multi-Disc Dehydrator. In demonstrations using inorganic and polymeric coagulants, the JD-series reduced water content to under 78%. The customer was additionally impressed by the lesser degree of physical labor needed to operate and manage the equipment, and the option of running the unit at night thanks to its reliable performance. As a result, they purchased 8 of the JD-2000S, which is our largest dehydrator with 2,000 mm wide filtering rollers. Moreover, they are fermenting the dewatered cake and selling it as fertilizer.

Supply Record of JD-series Dehydrators in Livestock Breeding Field


Multi-Disc Dehydrators Model : JD
JD-2000S [ 8 units ]

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