New General Hospital Construction


Tsurumi delivered 10 submersible dewatering pumps of its KTZ-series to Singapore for the construction of a new general hospital. The hospital is being built by the Ministry of Health as part of their Healthcare 2020 Masterplan and, when finished, will be the largest hospital in the country with 4 levels below ground and 19 above. It is a large project with future expansions intended to meet the medical needs of Singapore's rapidly aging population.
Tsurumi's KTZ-series pumps were used to pump slurry from a storage pit dug about 18 m below ground level, to a water treatment system. Owing to the cast iron body and high-chromium cast iron impeller, the heavy-duty pumps performed stably under the challenging conditions without a hitch.


Dewatering Pumps Model: KTZ
KTZ47.5 [ 10 units ]

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