Water Feature in Statesville, North Carolina


This water feature, located in Statesville,NC lay idle for over 1 year. It was not put into operation, because the two (2) 6'' 30 Hp. Self-priming centrifugal pumps selected were installed at a level of 42' above the ponds and of course would not prime.

A local Tsurumi distributor in Lexington was requested to solve the problem. Working in conjunction with Tsurumi Americas Engineering Department, it was decided the best unit for the project would be two (2) Tsurumi Model TDS-300GS, 7.5kW (10 Hp). free standing axial-flow pumps.

The unique design of the free standing TDS units allowed for minimum modification to the existing water feature thereby minimizing installation costs.


Submersible Axial-Flow Pumps Model : TDSGS
TDS-300GS [ 2 units ]

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