Submersible Pump for Sewage Bypass between Manholes - KRSU822!!

Apr, 2018

Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has, since its founding in 1924, been manufacturing, importing and selling pumps, environmental equipment and peripherals. Submersible pumps are our specialty.

As a pump for bypassing sewage between manholes in sewage piping renewal work, Tsurumi offers the KRSU822 pump of submersible sewer bypass pump. Since sewage piping suffers from aging-related deterioration and can be damaged by earthquakes, sewage piping requires repairs and replacing at regular intervals. In sewage piping repair work, consideration should be given to area residents inconvenienced by the repair work, and additionally to work efficiency and the safety and health of workers who handle inflow sewage. For this purpose, provisional draining that temporarily bypasses sewage via a pump is extremely effective.

2018-04_1.jpgSubmersible sewer bypass pumping image

The KRSU822 submersible pump features a maximum head of 26.5 m, a maximum capacity of 5.7 m3/min, and a compact space-saving design of just 546 mm in diameter. Normally, with engine pumps, it is difficult to suck up fluid from a depth of 7 m or more, but the KRSU822 pump can fit in the deep limited confines of a manhole and there play an active role in draining the manhole. In addition, with its semi-vortex structure, this pump provides a large solids passage of 56 mm in diameter, which prevents clogging of foreign matter. In fact, it is particularly effective towards preventing clogging of fibrous solids in the impeller, which is the biggest problem in draining sewage. The stand has a bottom plate structure so that the pump can stably stand by itself even when the pump is placed on earth, sand or sludge. The KRSU822 pump has a top discharge, side flow structure that effectively cools the motor even when the pump runs with the motor exposed to air. Thus, the KRSU822 is highly suited as a bypass pump.

2018-04_2.jpgThe KRSU822 submersible pump was installed in manhole.

The KRSU822 pump additionally comes standard with an anti-wicking cable, motor protector, dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces, and Oil Lifter. With features like these, Tsurumi's highly reliable and durable pump is ready for continuous duty at tough job sites.

Tsurumi has many other types and models of pumps that offer the high reliability, durability and corrosion resistance needed to handle the tough jobs. For more information, contact Tsurumi.


Pump for Sewage Bypass Model: KRSU

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