Tandem Kit

May, 2016

Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1924, and has since been manufacturing, purchasing and selling various pumps and related equipment, with a strong focus on submersible pumps. Herein introduced is Tsurumi's "Tandem Kit" that exhibits power in fields where high head is required, e.g., mines, and construction and tunnel work sites.
Generally, in applications that need draining at high head such as mines, it is necessary to prepare an expensive pump of a large size that provides high enough output to satisfy the required specifications by itself, or to make a sump pit as a relay point. Particularly, when it comes to draining water from mines, there is a limitation on installation space. Therefore, in such a case, a pump of compact and slim design is required.

For this purpose, Tsurumi developed the dedicated "Tandem Kit," which is attached to the casing of the LH and LH-W series pumps that feature high head, high durability and slim design, and have been proven in mine drainage applications. With the "Tandem Kit," two pumps of the same model can be easily connected in series. Tandem operation that connects two pumps in series can provide twice the total head of a single pump at a fixed flow rate. The operating principle of this method is the same as that of a multi-stage pump.
Tsurumi has six 3-30 kW pumps that are applicable with the Tandem Kit. Most of these pumps have a dual impeller design. The Tandem Kit can be easily attached to the pumps at the work site. With this kit, an ultra-high head of a maximum 254 m can be obtained. A head of 400 m is possible with optional features. In many cases of tandem operation, pump models equipped with pressure relief ports are selected, in order to prevent discharge pressure from being directly applied to mechanical seals.

Most of the cylindrical pumps used for tandem operation have a center flange structure that allows discharge piping to be aligned with the center axis of the pump. However, with general pumps whose discharge port is not aligned with the center axis of the pump, it is difficult to balance the connection between the two pumps, as well as to install the pumps. The center flange structure, on the other hand, enables the pumps to be well balanced in the direction of the pump axis. Therefore, when two pumps with this structure are connected in series via the tandem connector(Note), they can be installed in a hole of an 8″ to 16″ bore owing to their slim design. (Note: An intermediate connection pipe may be required depending on the situation.)

In applications at mines and construction work sites, pumps often need increasingly higher head as work progresses. In such a case, higher head can be easily obtained with the addition of a second pump for tandem operation, rather than installing a new pump that meets the requirement.

Tsurumi offers a variety of heavy-duty, highly reliable pumps that enable continuous operation under the strenuous conditions found in mines, etc. Also available as options are submersible pumps for high-temperature liquids that can handle water of up to 90°C and "all stainless steel pumps," in which all liquid contact parts are made of stainless steel (316 stainless steel). To order any of these pumps, please contact us.


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Model : Tandem Operation (LH / LH-W)

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