Pumps for Flood Countermeasures

Feb, 2016

Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1924, and today manufactures, purchases and sells various pumps and related equipment. Submersible pumps are our top-selling product.
Recently, because of climate change, large-scale natural disasters (hurricanes, squalls, local downpours, etc.) occur frequently all over the world. Under such conditions, it is essential to take countermeasures against river flooding, submerged roads and traffic infrastructure paralysis. Our submersible pumps for construction works can also serve as simplified rain drainage pumps for dealing with flood waters.

Tsurumi's KRS-series submersible pumps for construction work are large-capacity pumps that provide a maximum flow rate of 12 m3/min. They can be used as simplified rain drainage pumps by replacing the standard hose connection with the flange connection. When used like this, it is not necessary to install a new pump station or new drainage equipment as countermeasures against flooding. The KRS-series is easy to install and remove, and provides reliability, durability and maintainability as construction work pumps, which makes them practical countermeasures against flooding.
The KRS-series comes in various models with discharge bore diameters of 80 to 250 mm and motor output ranging from 2.2 to 22 kW, so the most suitable model for field conditions can be selected. In addition to the KRS-series, Tsurumi offers a variety of pumps for construction work that can double as flood countermeasures by simply changing the flange connection.
Tsurumi's pumps come standard with an anti-wicking cable and dual inside mechanical seals with silicone carbide faces. These reliable heavy-duty pumps are based on the principal design concept of enabling long-term continuous duty and ensure stable operation and excellent durability. To order submersible pumps, contact Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Submersible Construction Dewatering Pumps Model : KRS

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