Submersible Seawater-Resistant Pumps

Dec, 2014

Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has long been manufacturing, marketing and selling various pumps and related equipment, with a strong focus on submersible pumps. Thanks to customer patronage, we marked our 90th anniversary of business last year. Also, Tsurumi has established new sales bases in UAE and South Africa, and is conducting energetic activities in various locations throughout the world.

As a part of that, Tsurumi has recently devoted energy to selling submersible seawater-resistant pumps. Submersible seawater-resistant pumps are special pumps for handling seawater and are indispensable for waterfront and bay area development, aquaculture facilities, etc.
Japan is a maritime nation with the sixth longest coastline in the world. In view of the geographical environment, Tsurumi has performed field tests in various marine construction projects under severe conditions over many years, in collaboration with general contractors. Making use of the valuable know-how that we attained through these field tests, we have sought submersible seawater pumps that provide both corrosion resistance and wear resistance. As a result, Tsurumi developed pumps of submersible seawater-resistant type using as many standardized materials as possible, in consideration of cost efficiency.
Consequently, pumps of standard specifications can be combined with a seawater-resistant kit that comprises a "galvanic anode" and "seawater-resistant special cast iron impeller", to solve both problems of long service life and cost efficiency.

To order a submersible seawater-resistant pump, please contact Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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